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About Scott

Scott has been involved with estate, wealth transfer and values transfer planning from the business, legal, philanthropic, insurance and financial perspectives. This enables Scott to see the whole estate planning picture and work with other members your estate planning team.

Estate planning at its highest level, Scott believes, can be a life transformative experience that deepens relationships between you, your loved ones, and your community. Often this involves a journey through difficult issues with heightened vulnerability and an open heart. With expertise and compassionate listening, Scott guides you throughout this experience and creates a customized estate plan.

Scott earned his undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley, graduated cum laude from Southwestern Law School, and received an L.LM. in Taxation from New York University. In addition to his legal and tax expertise, Scott’s prior business experience in a family owned business makes him sensitive to the personal issues that must be resolved in order to create an effective estate plan. Scott is a published photographer specializing in panoramic images. He also enjoys a wide range of music.