Tansey Estate Planning

Protecting You and Your Loved Ones

Four Stages of Estate Planning

Stage 1: You are alive and well

This stage entails one primary concern: How do I stay in control of myself and my property? Or, how do we stay in control of ourselves and our property? A common misconception is that estate planning results in surrendering of control. This is not true as long as you are capable of managing your affairs.

Stage 2: You become mentally incompetent

This stage addresses the situation of you become mentally incapacitated. Some important questions are:

Stage 3: One spouse dies

(if you are single, go directly to Stage 4).

Each marriage is different. There are no right or wrong answers to the following questions:

Stage 4: Both Spouses Die (or if single, upon your death)

This state of planning includes most decisions that you procrastinate making in hopes that this will never happen. You should give serious thoughts to the following questions: